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Healthy Body Image Assessment

Do I have a healthy view of my body?

Girls as young as 9 years old report some dissatisfaction with their bodies and their body image tends to grow steadily worse as they get older. Girls tend to struggle with body image far more than boys. Most body image feelings will stay with a girl into womanhood. A girl's body image is influenced by peers, media, coaches, parents, siblings, or other family members. Parents influence their daughter's self-image when they comment on their own or someone else's body shape or size. This quick assessment can help you understand what it takes to have a healthy body image.

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Flecebret   I've been dealing with the same girl for the last 3 years. Very gorgeous young lady, working on her Master's Degree. Last week I went to the physician for my annual check up . So they got a sample of my blood and I told the physician to check it for everything possible . Come to find out, I have chlamydia. I am pass IRATE! I've been dealing with the same lady for some time now... what the hell should I do ? I already asked her has she ever been with someone else during our time together. I am completely amazed wth this situation....... :-(  - 1/8/2010 12:21:48 PM

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